A significant improvement in my skin's texture
Four weeks after my first treatment I saw significant improvement in my skin’s texture and appearance. My face was softer and my acne scars were noticeably reduced.
My second treatment was only five days ago. The healing seems to be more rapid and I’m excited!

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At B Young Wellness, we are thrilled to have received the following testimonials from our customers and will continue to be a premier provider of services for the Kelseyville and Lake County area.
Amazing Grace
Brenda you are a brilliant and amazing healer. If I hadn't experienced what you did for me yesterday, I'm not sure I would have believed it. By the time I left, the overall pain in my body was gone and I only felt the pain in my hand and back, still there but lesser. Before I came to you I couldn't even pick up a glass of water with my hand the pain was so excrutiating. 

I had a restless night, woke up every hour. It was not terribly uncomfortable, but restless. By this morning I have NO PAIN ANYWHERE. This is the first time in over 6 months my back hasn't hurt and although my hand is still a little stiff, it doesn't hurt.

AND when I looked in the mirror this morning I actually looked pretty. Of course that was probably due to the eyebrows. They are too cool.

How do I thank you for giving me my life back? 
You give so much love. Thank you.
Healed completely and transformed into my best self...
Imagine walking in for a massage, facial and Reiki session while being exhausted enough for 5 people, stressed beyond stressed, tensed like a bow drawn too tight, frustrated, negative, somewhat depressed and generally fed up with life because you feel like you've given way more than you've received in return.

You need way more than a masseuse, esthetician or energy worker. You need a miracle worker (actually two or three of them) and you need them now like you've never needed them before.

Three hours after walking through the doors of B Young, I was not only healed completely, I was also transformed into my best self---re-invigorated, re-engaged and, most importantly, re-committed to returning to my spiritual path and life's purpose. I believed in myself, life and the universe again. I was positive, optimistic and hopeful again. I was free of stress, tension, depression, tension and negativity again. I was in a deep state of calm, connectedness and knowing again. I was the real me, my true self, again.

It's only through the extreme attention to detail from Brenda and Debi that I transcended the mountain that stood between me and my inner and outer peace. Debi worked out every kink with precision. I've worked with over a dozen masseuse, and she is indeed the best. The word "masseuse" doesn't begin to describe her. Brenda is just as masterful at providing the most precise facial (imagine having every single pore unclogged) and Reiki session (imagine having the treatment amplified with crystals).

If you want to be a new you---younger, stronger, healthier and better---I highly recommend you waste no time and work with the miracle workers at B Young Skin Care & Integrative Wellness!

Dr. Melody Ivory

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"B Young Skin Care & Integrative Wellness is the best place in town for spa services. We were very happy with the results."
The thought of the facial treatment “…Results…” intrigued me.  I was curious as to what the results would be. After the process I was delighted to find out. I experienced a marvelous sense of rejuvenation, both mental and physical from head to toe. I felt as if years had fallen off me. My face was as soft as a cloud. Roses had returned to my cheeks. The warm massage treatment to my feet had released my body of all stress and tension. The LED treatment on my hands had relieved them of arthritic pain. I stood taller, moved, more easily and had a wonderful sense of well being. Great “Results!”

Thank you Brenda,


It was a chance meeting I first had with Brenda of B Young Skin Care. She was chatting with the Breast Cancer Survivors Group that I had just begun to attend. She was introducing us to a special line of healing products she carries for the skin’s healing from cancer treatments. However, she had mentioned her other services, one of them Reiki, and other energy rebalancing treatments.  

My diagnosis of early stage breast cancer had rekindled an ongoing interest in ways of being and healing that were complimentary to western traditions and medicine. I was so pleasantly surprised to find someone in Lake County offering these kinds of opportunities of understanding. Brenda was so kind and warm that I quickly called for an appointment to explore this idea of energy rebalancing. 

I walked into her business on Main St. in Kelseyville. Just the act of walking into the quaint, sacred, healing space she calls her business was calming and healing in itself. It wasn’t long before I realized that Brenda indeed had expertise in understanding energy and how it works in the body. As she worked with my energy system to balance it, she also shared her knowledge and showed me different ways I could support her efforts between sessions. I began to understand how to work with my own body’s energy. She suggested such simple but powerful techniques to walk away with and put into practice during just a few minutes of my days. It seemed an uncovering of knowledge I somehow already knew.

Fast-forward to a couple of months later, I continue to see Brenda to fine-tune my approaches to regulating my energy. During part of my sessions I have been able to go into a deep meditation (thought I was the only one who just couldn’t figure out meditation) and meditation wasn’t even a focus of our sessions! The space she provides is the ‘ultimate safe space’.

Brenda, as both a practitioner and a person, is graciously providing us a healing space and opportunity to bring forward our best selves. It is clear for all who meet her to see that this is not an egotistical endeavor for her; she simply knows she can be a conduit for a greater understanding of how to be a healthier demonstration of ourselves.  

Many of us know there are other ways to live and be, much more healthy and balanced than what we’ve been exposed to and taught in our western, modern culture. I read about these other ways, but have never been able to experience them for myself. Brenda has given me this opportunity. What a gift, and right here in Lake County…and at an affordable price. Thank you Brenda for fine-tuning your gift and for your vision to bring it to those of us who can benefit from it. 
Thank you!