The idea that energy can move and create is nothing new. 
Throughout history, different cultures have benefited by tapping into and 
working with different forms of energy. 

For thousands of years, people in China have practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi to get their energy moving for health and relaxation.  In India, people have sought after the great kundalini energy and awakened it for self-awareness, a deeper understanding of consciousness and the Universe, pure joy, knowledge, and love. In Japan, Reiki has healed countless people simply by working with an individual’s energy.  

Only recently, energy work has emerged in the West and for those who 
experience it’s amazing power, they soon realize anything is achievable.

In Energy Medicine, disruption and blocks in the energy field and energy centers create disharmony and eventually can result in dis-ease. These blocks and disturbances can originate by stresses in daily life starting from birth, life trauma, accidents, and emotional upsets. In energy healing work, our process begins by setting intention to clear energy blockages, disturbances and disruptive cellular memory. Our mutual goal is to restore harmony, balance and wellness to all levels of being. In energy terms, we are raising our energy vibration. 

In my work, I use Healing Touch, Reiki, Qi Gong and Crystals as I am intuitively directed. These types of therapies use gentle, non-invasive hands-on touch and energy techniques to clear, balance and align the energy fields and chakra's, assisting to promote optimum health and well-being. This type of work emphasizes compassionate, heart-centered care in which myself and the client are equal partners in facilitating health and healing. It is deeply restorative and relaxing, as it is in relaxation where healing occurs.

~ One must experience the true benefits of energy healing ~ 
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Energy Healing for Health and Happiness
I always ask for the "highest good", meaning that self-healing is the primary focus, rather than the cure. Whether as part of preventative health care, for help during acute or chronic illness or treatment, or during life transitions, Energy healing can be of benefit and be a complement to conventional therapies. It can help restore one's sense of true self, well-being and wholeness.